The Metal Detector for Sale Philippines

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You don’t need to have one to be able to join a metal detector club, but you receive far more fun with one than without. It’s possible to find and choose online with good deals in reasonable selling price. Internet has become a portion of our life nowadays. Link promotion is the usage of links to construct traffic to your site in addition to to construct your search engine ranking.
Metal Detector for Sale Philippines
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Snorkeling is a famed activity that could be enjoyed by sea lovers. The beach isn’t the central hub of activities, and that means you visit it if you’d like to have a really good peaceful moment. Metal detectors for underwater searches are done with our Garrett Sea Hunter.
Sea Hunter Mark ll Long-Stem
Well, you’re not the only person who’s out searching for answers. Additionally, we can offer expert aid to folks who demand such support on a normal basis. You always wish to spend the opportunity to research any company which you are thinking about joining. These things go together.
There are lots of different kinds of metal detectors for sale for someone to pick from. At Island Mining Supply, we can help you make that decision on what detector to by. Island mining Supply is a Authorized dealer in the Philippines. Give us a call and find out what detector will work best for you.

If you’re trying to find a good bounty hunter metal detector then keep reading to take an in depth look at the GTI 2500. But to be able to find the absolute most from small nuggets to large targets, you have to get the ATX. This bounty hunter metallic detector has many uses and may be used in many diverse environments.
GTI 2500

Metal Detector, Garrett ATX

ATX Metal Detector

You can watch our demo videos on all three units by clicking on the video to view.


Author: islandminingsupply

Island Mining Supply is the dealer for Garrett and Mine Lab Metal detectors, also Keene dredges, for all of Asia. Countries serviced: • Philippines • Vietnam • Indonesia • Malaysia • Korea • Japan • India • China • Taiwan • Thailand Island Mining supplies all kinds of mining equipment from Metal Detectors, to Gold dredge equipment of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a hobby metal detector or a top of the line model like Mine Lab, for serious treasure hunting, you can find the best metal detector for the job at Our metal detector store features an extensive selection of today’s top brand-name hobby metal detectors, as well as advanced detection equipment for marine applications. Our metal detectors detect gold, silver and relics and aid underwater search and recovery. Review our state-of-the-art advanced electronics that locate underground cables, pipes, treasure and more. Or, find that metal detector accessory you’ve been looking for listed on each models page. Island Mining Supply is the dealer for Asia for Keene Dredges. The most popular Dredge in the world has all of the features of industrial professional dredge. Our dredges are ideal for the prospector requiring a light portable dredge with the capacity to move large amounts of material. With our advanced proprietary system you can recover the ultra fine gold you find all over Asia and the Philippines. Experience first hand the high performance of our sluice box with our own unique 3 Stage Sluice System for unsurpassed fine gold recovery. Our Dredges is equipped with the pump which has proven to be the highest performing pump on the market. The Marlex floats and some models come with built in tool box, drink holders and bottom runners for rocky river bottoms and fast water. The float frame, with handle inserts, makes for ideal pickup and transport. There is many more features to cover in this short description, so head over to our dredge page and check out the sizes they come in 2”, 4”, 6” and 8”. Click here.

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