Long Range Detector vs Metal Detector

This is an excellent article on Long Range Metal Detectors vs Metal Detectors

Long Range Detector vs Metal Detector
Long range detector is a tool. A metal detector is a specialized tool and has a specific job that it can accomplish.

Rarely does a specialized tool multitask into the regions of other similar tools. A detector that operates to find metal or treasure over ten feet away (long range) from the burial place is a unique piece of equipment. IF IT WORKS it will save hours of digging, diving or just searching for a treasure that has already been taken or was never there in the first place. A metal detector on the other hand is very handy if you are digging and your treasure is small like a coin and can hide in a shovel of dirt. The metal detector will find it immediately. However, if you are trying to find a coin or a bullion bar that is over 15” deep and you are working with a metal detector that is under $1000 dollars there is every chance YOU WILL NEVER FIND IT….
….If you are of the old school metal detector and want to reach deeper than 15″ up to a couple of feet deep try this metal detector. read all of this post at, http://undergrounddiscovery.com/205/long-range-detector-vs-metal-detector/

Watch this short video on Garrett’s ATX,


Author: islandminingsupply

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